The Moon Tacos: Truly Out Of This World!

April 25, 2020
The Tampa Bay Rays have been relocated to…The Moon…for the 2020 Season. They have been renamed and rebranded after every Moon Citizen’s favorite food, The Taco!

November 2nd, 2019… The Tampa Bay Rays have been sold to a new investment group, with plans to relocate the team. It’s no secret the franchise has struggled to draw fans to Tropicana Field even during the most competitive seasons. Past brainstorming sessions included perhaps splitting time between Tampa and Montreal to tap into a long forgotten baseball market. Those plans have gone by the wayside however, as YouTube Creator and Mexican Food aficionado Matt Myer has stepped in with deep pockets and a desire to relocate a Major League Franchise out of this world… quite literally… to The Moon.

The sale of the team and proposed move is certainly an out of the box solution to the Tampa Bay Rays financial woes. Myer sees this as an opportunity to tap into a starving market of potential baseball fans. “The Moon Colonists have made a move for a better life away from planet Earth, but they miss certain novelties that they were forced to leave behind, such as the great game of baseball”. Myer said in his introductory press conference. “With limited resources they have bravely ventured to an unpolluted community where they can live out their dreams of producing and eating tacos, burritos, and enchiladas, as well as the wildly popular chimichanga, because let’s face it, who doesn’t LOVE a good chimichanga?” Myer exclaimed this is the very reason he will rebrand the Franchise as the “Moon Tacos” as a nod to the unanimous favorite food of the Moon residents. ” When asked how he plans to pull off playing Baseball with Zero gravity on the Moon’s surface, Myer said he has a task force assigned to tackle that very problem and will report back soon on their findings.

A rendering of the franchise’s new uniforms, now known as The Moon Tacos

December 9th, 2019… The Franchise Formerly known as the Tampa Bay Rays announced today that they have managed to salvage the remaining materials from the demolition of the Metrodome, the former home of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings. The “Metrodome” will be reconstructed at the new home of the newly renamed “Tacos” Franchise on The Moon. “It was essential that we secure a domed stadium to play baseball in at our new home, since we have to counter the issue of having zero gravity conditions.” New Team Owner Matt Myer said.

Myer inquired about the Metrodome remains, as he himself grew up watching the hometown Twins win World Series Championships there in 1987 and 1991. The Twins moved into Target Field at the start of the 2010 baseball season, and the Metrodome was demolished to make way for the new home of the Minnesota Vikings, US Bank Stadium. “Using recycled materials will significantly reduce our cost in securing a stadium for our Franchise, which can in turn be put back into improving our roster and securing all the top Mexican Cuisine Chefs for all of our concession stands throughout the stadium.” Myer explained.

It may be considered a long shot, but Myer and the Tacos Organization are confident that the Dome can be ready for the start of the 2020 Baseball season due to advances in construction techniques and the labor pact with Venus.

February 2020 – The “Metrodome” is rapidly reconstructed on the surface of the Moon, and will be the new home of Major League Baseball’s Moon Tacos Franchise.

March 22nd, 2020… The construction and prep work is almost complete as Opening Day 2020 is just a few days away. The Moon Tacos are set to welcome their very first opponents to the newly named Chipotle MoonDome. The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the first team to be shuttled to the Moon, and if they survive leaving the Earth’s atmosphere they will play a 3 game series against the Tacos to kick off the season. The inaugural homestand will continue against the New York Yankees.

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